Theme, When, Where

  • This bloggforum was about the end of the blog (as we know it), and what's in store for the future.
  • Saturday, 19 November 2005, 10.00h - 17.00h
  • At JMK, Karlavägen 104, Östermalm, Stockholm. Map
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This time around, we've got longer sessions, more time for mingling, and individual speakers in addition to panel debates. Bloggforum is also spreading its wings, with speakers from the UK, Finland, France and Norway.


  • Speaker: Jyri Engeström — Blog posts as objects of sociality. In English.
  • Workshop: Video blogging — Make blogging immersive. With vlogger Raymond Kristiansen, Blogsoft. In Swedish with a Norwegian accent.


  • Speaker: Moz Hussein, Microsoft — Busting blogging myths – the present and future of blogging. In English.
  • Panel: Fashion blogs — Are they blogging's secret weapon? In Swedish.


  • Speaker: Ben Hammersley — Eight ideas that will really revolutionise the 21st century (and why blogging isn't one of them). In English.
  • Panel: Media — Are blogs conquering big media, or are big media conquering blogs? In Swedish.


  • Speaker: Loïc Le Meur, Six Apart — Corporate blogging and the future of corporate communications. In English.
  • Panel: Swedish copyright or copyfight? — How Swedish copyright law affects bloggers. In Swedish.


Jyri Engeström

Student of technological transformation, Nokia ethnographer, Aula founder, idea incubator, Finnish.

Topic: "Blog posts as objects of sociality." In English.

Ben Hammersley

Itinerant journalist, The Guardian blog guru, "podcast" word coiner, long-distance runner, Deep knower of RSS, O'Reilly's author, kilted Brit, and married to a Swede.

Topic: "Eight ideas that will really revolutionize the 21st century (and why blogging isn't one of them)." In English

Loïc Le Meur

Serial entrepreneur, Six Apart's man in Europe, occasional author, corporate blog evangelist, Les Blogs organiser, French.

Topic: "Corporate blogging and the future of corporate communications." In English.

Moz Hussain

Product manager for Microsoft's blogging tool, MSN Spaces, "mad about Star Wars and James Bond", "Bengali born, British raised, American married"

Topic: "Busting blogging myths – the present and future of blogging". In English.

Workshop: Vlogging
Raymond Kristiansen
Vlog evangelist, BlogSoft
Anders Clerwall
Andreas Haugstrup

Panel: Fashion blogs
Malin Essén
Annas blog feat. Mel E
Johanna Ögren
Eleonore Nygårds
Tomas de Souza
Karin Eriksson
Karin's style blog

Panel: Media
Per Gudmundson
Isobel Hadley-Kamptz
Frilans, Expressen
Isobels text och verkstad
Elin Sandström
DN På Stan
Helle Klein

Panel: Svensk upphovsrätt och bloggar
Lisa Bjerre
Rasmus Fleischer
Eric Wahlforss
Simon Winter
Oscar Swartz